Sunday, March 29, 2009

10/365 - Texas Hold em

A couple of interesting things happened. The first is a cold front moved in and it snowed in Jacksboro for about 2 hours. Most of my garden looks alright. It didn't snow in Stephenville, but it was 39 degrees at the start of tournament. The reason why I know this is because we played in a cutting hourse arena that only had three sides. My event started at 9:00 and I got knocked out at 7:30. There were 254 players and I was number 52. Not bad I beat 202, but I had to finish in the top 25 to make any money. Better luck next year I guess. This is the hand I had when I went out, I know it is not the greatest hand, but I had to go all in because I was out of chips.

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