Saturday, July 11, 2009

115/365 - (7/11/2009) - Beat the Heat

I needed to water the grass late yesterday and Rachel enjoyed running through it. It was still very hot at 7:00 and Rachel enjoyed running through it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

114/365 - (7/10/2009) - Bounce House

Yesterday Jackie, Misty, Lyndsey, Kayley, and Rachel went to a bounce place. Rachel came back very tired. They played, jumped, ran, slid, and climbed for hours.

113/365 - (7/8/2009) - Tubing

What I failed to mention in the previous post is that I look like a lobster. I couldn't do anything today because I hurt like crazy. Here is another lake post from yesterday. Rachel loved to tube and her favorite part was jumping waves.

112/365 - (7/7/2009) - Daisy Swim

We went to Brent and Lauren's lake house at Possum Kingdom Lake. We took Daisy and she liked to swim. It was very funny because Daisy can't swim very good. She was trying to fetch and beat a Labrador. The Labrador swam circles around Daisy. We went out on the boat and made a whole day of it.

111/365 - (7/6/2009) - Bounce

Rachel saw her bounce ball. I am surprised how much she liked it. She bounced around the house and had a great time.

110/365 - (7/5/2009) - Home

It is great to be home. When we left San Antonio the car said 103. When we got to Jacksboro it was 78 and raining. WOW!!!!

109/365 - (7/4/2009) - Fire Works

Here we are watching fireworks. We were a little far and couldn't hear them so Rachel didn't really like them. Next year I told her we will get closer so we can hear them.

108/365 - (7/3/2009) - Chuck E. Cheese

We went to Chuck E. Cheese at San Antonio and took Rachel and Ashlyn. Here is Rachel hugging Ol'e Chuck. We had a great time.

107/365 - (7/2/2009) - Sea World

Here we are watching Shamu. Rachel had a great time. She fed the Dolphins, watched the sea lions, watched the penguins, and watched the Shamu show. She loved it!!

106/365 - (7/1/2009) - San Antonio

We are finally getting to San Antonio. It has been a long drive and we are almost to Floresville. Tomorrow we are going to Sea World.

105/365 - (6/30/2009) - Glasses

Don't know what this means, but Rachel lined up her sunglasses. Maybe she knows it is now summer or she is gearing up for Sea World.

104/365 - (6/29/2009) - Pet Shop

Here is Rachel playing with her Little Pet Shop. She loves it .

103/365 - (6/28/2009) - Veggies

The garden is going great! I am going to take over 80 jalapenos to San Antonio. David is going to cook out and make poppers. Can't wait.